Yogurtland Travels the Planet for Real Flavor By Amusement Park

The brief.

With their big lineup of unique flavors and toppings, its no wonder Yogurtland has such a big fan base. We were asked to get these repeat customers excited about new flavors timed to arrive during slower traffic periods. Here’s the catch: we were asked to do it without using any external advertising.

First up, we dug deep into the fan base, and found they are big virtual travelers who love tastes from around the world. Second, we found they really like rewards. And finally, they are social media over-sharers—taking shots of their latest creation, posting them, commenting on them, and then doing it all over again. Perfect.

Yogurtland came up with the exotic international flavors, and we designed a mobile app to make it easy for fans to share photos, plus get rewarded with free frozen yogurt. In three months time, sales had increased for that time period over the previous year. We’ll take seconds on that one.


The result(s).

How we helped Yogurtland
Mobile App
In-Store Displays
Social Marketing
Broadcast Production
Market Research