Thea Foundation

We spent the summer with Thea! By Stone Ward

The work.

In May, Thea briefed the interns on their programs and branding needs. With those in mind, the interns identified Thea’s target audiences, media usage, local event participation and spending habits. The interns used this information to brainstorm ideas to simplify and strengthen several of their programs, as well as increase their branding efforts across Central Arkansas.

The foundation requested recommendations for Thea Paves the Way, its annual sidewalk chalk event hosted on the front lawn of the Clinton Presidential Library. In the past, this event has targeted students and teachers, but Thea was interested in drawing a wider audience. By updating their creative elements and suggesting partnerships with local artists and food vendors, the interns reinvigorated this event to entice the Little Rock community to attend.

The intern class also created a branding guide for Thea, which is a tool to standardize the foundation’s creative elements. In the guide, the interns suggested a vibrant color palette, the use of “color ribbons” and an enhanced logo.

The interns also suggested ways to improve their social media presence and relationships with local media. Recommendations were also presented for Thea’s website, which includes a web video by the interns that clearly explains Thea’s mission.

The brief.

Stone Ward’s Camp Reality program is an opportunity for students to create a real-world marketing plan for a non-profit client. This summer, our interns worked with the Thea Foundation to develop a fully-integrated brand awareness campaign for them to implement in the coming year.


The result(s).

On their last day in Camp Reality, the interns presented all the creative elements, unpaid media tactics, suggestions for placing advertisements, social media strategies and many other ways to spread awareness of the Thea brand. The client is excited to use these new tools to further its mission of helping students find confidence through the arts.