Taller San Jose

Coming Together for a Community By Amusement Park

The brief.

Founded in 1995, Taller San Jose is a beacon of light in some of the darker corners of Santa Ana. More than a jobs training program, Taller San Jose empowers young people by offering them a second chance, when many never had a first. From construction to medical training to social support services, they specialize in giving hope to the hopeless.

They’re proud of their graduates and proud of the community members that stand side-by-side with those that need it most. As a part of the Santa Ana community since we moved here in 2000, we saw an opportunity to share our services and expertise to a very worthy cause. We worked directly with Taller to spread their message through a series of annual fundraising videos that we were able to create through our in-house broadcast production facilities. We have also created their corporate identity, public service television commercials, collateral materials, and served on their advisory board. And we’re happy to say the love is mutual, in 2004, Taller San Jose presented us with their highest honor, the Best of Friends Award.

The result(s).

How we helped Taller San Jose
Broadcast Production