Shatto Milk

Cult Status Milk By SHS

The brief.

The Shatto Milk Company is a local dairy that sells premium dairy products in the Kansas City area. The company’s mainstay is a variety of milk in unique glass bottles. SHS has helped the brand achieve a cult status in and around Kansas City through unique packaging and a fresh, but relevant, brand voice. The family farm is now a bonafide agritourism business, the brand (which only serves the metro region) has almost 30,000 fans on Facebook and the Shatto’s herd has been expanded from 80 cows to more than 500. This year, the client celebrated 10 years in business by launching a new premium line of ice cream sandwiches and a line of limited time only flavors in collectable bottles. These bottles sell out on the same day they are restocked to store shelves. Shatto Milk Company packaging has been recognized by Communication Arts and the National Addys. The brand has also received free product placement in major television shows, presumably because the bottles look really cool. Part of the food value chain focus area at SHS.