Branding down to a science By Stone Ward

The work.

Stone Ward’s first assignment was to develop the most important element – the brand logo. The agency felt it was important to incorporate two key items in an effort to truly capture the spirit of this company – a land plot that intersects to reveal a cross, which further speaks to the importance of Dawson’s faith.

With the logo complete, Stone Ward began work on a new website to help Genesis communicate its business and services, with a launch expected in late 2013. The website will be optimized to create a more interactive user experience through both video and picture elements.

The brief.

The literal meaning of the word “Genesis” is the perfect way to describe Ray Dawson’s company, Genesis Property Strategies and Development. The essence of what Dawson offers is a new beginning to agriculture property management.

Dawson approached Stone Ward about crafting an innovative, progressive and forward-looking brand identity and website for his company in the spring of 2013.

The agriculture property services offered by Genesis include everything from topographic mapping and harvest yield mapping, to long-term land management. The technologies utilized for these types of mapping services are not new to other industries, but are uncommon for this scale of agriculture.

Dawson blends his years of large scale agriculture experience and technological tracking methods to build customized long-term land management strategies. Genesis now has a unique opportunity to position and advance itself as an agriculture leader in order to attract the attention of national and foreign investors through its revamped brand identity.


The result(s).

The existing pool of Genesis support comes from corporations who are buying large quantities of land as an investment tool versus traditional investment opportunities such as the stock market. The current business goal of Genesis is to make property management for others less of a chore and more of a reward.

Like Genesis, Stone Ward is steadfast in creating partnerships with companies where learning’s, tools and staff services are shared to assist others in reaching their full potential.