Citizens Energy Group

Citizens Are Employees Too By CVR

The work.

Citizens Energy Group, Central Indiana’s gas and thermal utility, recently acquired water and wastewater services and customers. As a result, Citizens needed to redefine their brand for new and existing customers.

CVR conducted seven focus groups and found that when customers discussed Citizens employees, their experiences with field personnel were overwhelmingly positive, but when asked to think about the utility as a whole, this view became lost in the dissonance of thinking about them as a large public utility.

To help build a more personal connection to their brand, CVR and Citizens developed the Citizen.Employee. campaign. This campaign highlighted Citizens’ #1 asset: the great work of their employees, not only for their customers, but for their community. Using TV, radio, print, and digital, we showed that these employees are not just employees of the local utility. They’re mothers, fathers, sons, friends, volunteers, cooks, athletes, musicians, and much more. By giving a face to Citizens Energy Group, we reminded customers that what makes their utility company great is not only the reliable service it provides, but the reliable employees that provide it. They too have an interest in the success of Citizens Energy Group, not only as employees, but as customers and members of the community they serve.