Baptist Health Foundation

Making the Difference By Stone Ward

The work.

Stone Ward set out to build upon the Foundation’s strong brand and expand its reach by using traditional media. In addition to traditional media, the Foundation utilized a database of Arkansans helped by the Foundation to identify the desired target audience. This audience realizes the importance of supporting Baptist Health, one of Arkansas’s leading not-for-profit healthcare organizations, and plays a vital role in funding the next generation of caregivers. Their support allows the Foundation to purchase the latest technology and equipment to renovate their facilities so that they may deliver all their best.

A comprehensive communications strategy was put into motion for 2013 that included print, internal signage, direct mail pieces, updated digital content, mobile giving solutions and event signage. The materials have all been centered on a concept of the impact that a single donor has on the mission of Baptist Health. The media strategy was to use high profile magazine publications, read heavily by the target audiences, to associate the Foundation with some of their dedicated and well-known donors. The donors were spotlighted in areas that they have helped to make a difference with their contributions.

The brief.

In October 2012, the Baptist Health Foundation approached Stone Ward to develop a strategic marketing plan aimed at increasing their brand awareness to a larger target audience.

The Foundation exists to provide financial support to advance the mission of Baptist Health, which is to provide quality patient-centered healthcare and health education. Previously, the Foundation had a substantial group of donors, but with limited paid media in place, found it difficult to break past their traditional reach.



The result(s).

With the increased brand awareness and ability to reach new targets, the Foundation has seen an overall rise in the number of donations and is currently testing a new mobile giving solution that hopes to bring even more success moving into 2014. In addition, by incorporating both digital and paid media strategies, the Foundation has positioned itself as innovators in the hospital industry. We are proud to partner with the Baptist Health Foundation and look forward to a stronger, healthier future!