Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross ensures easy transition for Arkansans By Stone Ward

The work.

To reach each target audience, Stone Ward developed the “I Called” campaign, which portrays individuals who called Arkansas Blue Cross about their health insurance and will enjoy the benefits from making that call. In addition to weaving the key messaging through the direct response spots for all three audiences, the agency also integrated the production treatment of the newly launched brand campaign, “Live Fearless,” to ensure a seamless transition from the brand to the “I Called” direct response campaign.

Stone Ward produced six television spots that each include a unique phone number for viewers to call and learn more about Arkansas Blue Cross insurance. This direct response campaign also will allow Stone Ward to analyze how many phone calls were made per TV spot, per station and optimize the media buy based on which station is performing the best.

The brief.

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield has been the state’s leading health insurance provider for more than 65 years. With all the changes occurring in the health insurance industry, it was vitally important for Arkansas Blue Cross to ensure their communications efforts were on point and resonating with their target audiences, particularly during open enrollment of the Affordable Care Act.

Since 2008, Stone Ward has worked with Arkansas Blue Cross on several initiatives, including the opening of the state’s first brick-and-mortar insurance store, and was more than ready to assist the state’s largest insurer with reaching three key audiences – current members, potential new “traditional” customers and Medicaid-eligible Arkansans – through a direct response television campaign.

The result(s).

Stone Ward is proud to partner with Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield to ensure all Arkansans have the freedom to live fearless, happier, healthier lives.