Arkansas Arts Center

From London to Little Rock By Stone Ward

The work.

Since the exhibition launch in May, Stone Ward has worked alongside AAC to increase awareness about this amazing exhibit. Using print as the main strategy, the agency also accelerated its public relations initiatives throughout the region in an effort to encourage ticket sales, visitors and overall visibility of the AAC.

In addition to utilizing traditional strategies, Stone Ward explored the use of online advertising embedded on travel sites to reach those visiting Little Rock and other local special interest venues. Those targeted flash banner ads peaked interest enough that art enthusiasts clicked through to purchase tickets, performing above the industry average.

Creative design graphics were further used for external and flagpole banners in high traffic areas, exhibition décor, Museum Shop vinyl and member mailers, which resulted in a member preview party of the exhibition that drew in a crowd of over one thousand members, including almost half that stayed for the lectures that night. And though the exhibition is ongoing, attendance has been steady since the onset of the Kenwood House campaign.

The brief.

From now until September 7, the state’s premiere center for visual and performing arts is showcasing the Rembrandt, Van Dyck, Gainsborough: The Treasures of Kenwood House, Londonexhibition. Due to the exclusivity of this exhibit, it is no surprise that the Arkansas Arts Center (AAC) is one of only four venues in the United States to display a collection which offers 48 world-renowned masterpieces that have never traveled outside of the United Kingdom.


The result(s).

Stone Ward has always been a strong advocate for the arts and was proud to partner with the Arkansas Arts Center for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.